Forget that Loserface

Utilizing the power of neuroplasticity, train your brain to help get over a heartache. Play for a breakup, unrequited love, or simply the status "it's complicated."

  • John Doe

    The Break UP Game

    "Whoever it is, that person you are moping over, he or she may or may not be an actual loser, but they are definitely a loserface for not choosing you."

The Stages of Getting over a Breakup

Use Loserface: The Break Up Game to assist in the stages of recovery that go along with a breakup. Although Loserface: The Break Up Game can help in the process of recovery by providing you a temporary outlet of activity, it is not meant as a substitute for time or therapy.


Play The Break Up Game as you begin to work through that initial shock.


Play in a group and help yourself move past Isolation.


Instead of resisting the truth that 'yes' it's over, help yourself envision a new hottie.


The more you accept that it wasn't meant to be, the more you may be able to train your brain to move on.



The more you play, the more you may be able to accept that 'yes' it's over.


Use your anger in a competitive way, by playing this game with friends.


Build Loserface Melds. The less you see that ex (or past crush) as perfect, the less you'll be sad.


Once you feel better, happily move forward to meeting that new hottie.


Help your brain change itself with Neuroplasticity

Reinforce New Neural Pathways

When your brain is exposed to repeated conditioning, you can create the opportunity to build and foster new neural pathways. Pruning occurs when you weed out different ways of thinking and beliefs. A great deal of your psychology is in your hands and you can choose to prune as well as to create new neural pathways.

When a person trains themselves to associate their former love interest with something undesirable, they can begin to lessen the power that this love interest has on their brain. Instead of a person reinforcing the notion that a love interest is the one to be with, by forming Loserface Melds, a person may help train their brain to see that their former love interest is not as desirable as previously thought. New Hottie cards allow a person to visualize a potential new hottie which can be quite difficult in the early stages of a breakup. Picking up the New Hottie bonus cards allow a person to visualize themselves becoming proactive and picking up a new hottie. It's quite liberating when you don't have to rely on a future love interest to make the first move. In this way, you are taking your future into your own hands instead of giving so much power to someone else.

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Quickstart Rules

Get right into gameplay. View the Quickstart rules to get started playing "Loserface: The Break Up Game" and take a step forward on your journey of healing from heartache.

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